Dear God, its me again..

5 Jan 2011

Are You still there?
Oh Dad, i really miss You very much..
Its been quite a long time since i can feel Your presence in my life..
I miss Your voice when i don’t know what to do..
I miss Your warm hug when i get too tired..
I miss Your smile when i get lonely and make a mistake..
I miss You..

I know it was me who make the situation to be like this..
I’ve been too busy..
I’ve made You number 2 in my priority..
I’m too busy to “serve” You, but i forgot to talk with You and ask what do You really need..
I’m acting like You need me, You need my help..
I know that’s not true..
You’re far too mighty and majesty to be helped..
Not You who need me, but it’s me who need You..

Thanks for always being a good Father to me..
And thanks for accepting me for who i am, not for what i’ve done..
I will come back to You..
Coming back to the heart of worship..
Love You always Dad..

P.S: wait for my story will You? I have so many things to tell You.. And i need Your words.. =)

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